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All-New 2024 Series 
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 What is Storage for Rookies? 
Introducing the Revamped SBOA Storage For Rookies Program:
Navigating the Self-Storage Landscape Confidently with Help from the Experts

Embarking on a journey into the self-storage industry can be both exciting and challenging. To guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the intricacies of this dynamic field, the SBOA proudly presents the revamped Storage For Rookies webinar series for 2024. This comprehensive program equips newcomers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate every stage of the self-storage business journey.

Session 1: Getting In
This foundational session covers critical aspects of setting up your self-storage business, from establishing the business and crafting the operating agreement to understanding supply and demand. Topics include underwriting, proformas, due diligence, feasibility studies, and strategies for buying self-storage properties.

Session 2: Critical Timelines
Delving into the crucial timelines of the self-storage journey, this session covers everything from the letter of intent to close, vendor selection, hiring and training staff, and planning the grand opening or management takeover.

Session 3: Operations & Marketing
Focused on day-to-day operations, this session explores routine task schedules, digital and community-based marketing strategies, revenue management best practices, and using audits to track performance.

Session 4: Scaling & Maximizing Revenue
Guiding participants through the growth phase, this session addresses acquisition strategies, building infrastructure, leveraging technology, and understanding financial benefits like cost segregation.

    Special Add-On Session - April 17: Selling Your Storage Business (Was NOT Included in Series Tickets)
    This special session explores the process of selling your property and covers critical topics, including preparing for sale, seller financing, listing options, and understanding 1031 Exchange. This ticket is $25 for those who buy the Series ticket or $75 for a one-time General Admission ticket.

    Standard Ticket Prices and Enhanced Membership Benefits

    • LIVE: Standard ticket prices for live participants is $200 for the four standard sessions and $75 for the ad-on session. Live sessions will resume in Q3 2024.
    • Replay On-Demand: Did you miss the series? Get On-Demand access for ALL FIVE SESSIONS for just $100!
    • SBOA Enhanced Members enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on standard prices, making this invaluable series even more accessible for those looking to venture into the self-storage industry.

    Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to kickstart or advance your self-storage journey. Secure your tickets today and unlock the knowledge to navigate the self-storage industry with confidence and success. 

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       2024 Storage Business Owners Alliance - All Rights Reserved